Sunday, April 28, 2013

fit n' flare dresses

Oprah Magazine May 2013

Fit n' flare. It's every where I look this spring. I like a dress with a flare ... it's fits me just fine. I checked out this web site in May's issue: It's a great place to find a pretty spring/summer dress. Lots of patterns, various shapes, and the dresses come in all sizes, which is a plus.

I suppose that I should order one, then promote it, but I'm fairly confident, given that it was in Oprah Magazine, that is purchase-worthy. Hey, whatever you may think of Oprah, the woman has good taste. And second to Martha Beck, I like to see what wares she, or her editors, is peddling. Unlike Gwyneth Paltrow, who hawks extremely expensive must haves, Oprah is more ... likely to suggest a product for an every woman. Well, and by every woman, I mean one who has a job and can afford to buy things. Don't get me wrong, Oprah will throw in the ringer that costs more than a week's salary, but she balances it with ... a $65 dress that is pretty cute ... and wearable.

Also, at last check. if you buy two dresses, the second is 40% off, and if you purchase three, the third (lowest priced) is free. Plus, if you sign up, you receive an automatic $25 gift card. Such a deal!

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