Saturday, April 13, 2013


so. girls. I read about it. I saw them win the Golden Globe or Emmy. But I don't have advanced cable. No HBO. It wasn't until my sister, who has HBO, invited me over for a viewing of the series. We ordered pizza, drank wine, my mom was there. And it came on and ... sucked me in. It is chaotic. Brutal. Honest. Weird. Tender. All things that I find life to be ...

Naturally, like Sex in the City, girls of a certain age claim a character. For Sex, everyone wants to be Carrie. Just like in playing Barbies, who didn't want the Malibu Barbie if she were available. Some of my friends wanted to tag me as Samantha ... huh? I think that the only character who didn't drive me crazy on that show was Carrie, but I didn't watch it for Carrie. No, I watched it for Mr. Big. He was/is my kind of man. Unpredictable. Suited. Poetic. Sure, he was kind of jerky, but he always came through in big ways ... no pun intended.

A few weeks ago, I was at the beauty getting my hair did, and the 20-something, hipster stylist asked me if I watched the show. She, naturally, saw herself as Hannah. I'm sure all 20-something hipster hairstylists think that they are Hannah. I was able to watch all of Season 1, half at my sister's house, and then I bought the final episodes on line. Hooked. But she went on to say that she didn't like the path that Season 2 took ... hm. And the gods looked upon me and during Spring Break, Season 2 was available for free viewing for three days On Demand. Well, I didn't need 3 days. I sat down one evening and went through the whole season. I loved where the story went. One of the things about it that makes it brilliant is that it is what it is ... life: good, bad, indifferent. And I'm far away from 20-something, but I could still identify with it.

Adam Driver
But I don't think that I'm like any of the girls. My sister thinks that I'm just like Hannah. And in some ways, sure ... I'll buy that, the awkwardness ... the physicality of her, but the character that I find riveting and more like me is ... Adam. I know that he is a fictional character and a man, but man, ahhhhhhhhhhh ... I have no words for how he is portrayed. Strong. Off. Direct. In charge. Open. Yeah, that's what it is ... he's wide open. He says it like it is, how he feels, he opens doors/gates/time portals ... he lets it be what it could be, whatever that is for who he's with. On, it says this of Adam's action in the finale: "more than the same kind of boundary violation he’s been committing all season." I think that's what I like best  about him ... he doesn't know boundaries. When he tells Hannah, hey we're hang buddies, why do you have to put a label on it? For real. He is vulnerable ... and doesn't ever wear a shirt. It's too hot for him. He needs to be free of the constraints that society puts on him. He's unapologetic for his views, for his desires, for his unconventionality.

I may not be Adam. I'm not a boy for one. But I would like to spritz some of his magnetism and joied'Adam all over me like an elixir. He da man.

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