Wednesday, April 3, 2013

pretty vende

UK Vogue March 2013
Pretty Yende. She is pretty, isn't she. And who's ever heard of someone named Pretty before? It's a milleniumistic April or May kind of name. It whispers beginnings, flowers, and sunshine.  And Pretty certainly got  a beginning! Called to fill in at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC at a moment's notice, not knowing the opera, etc.  she had the good sense to say yes!  I would love to hear her sing. I did a quick look on ITunes, but the only music that came up for her was a duet that she sang with Andre Bocelli, and I don't particularly care for his voice. I would love to hear her come up on the Andy Karzas show on WFMT in Chicago. I love the show that airs after Live from the Met in the late afternoon on Saturdays. Sadly, Karzas is no longer with us, but his recorded shows are still aired. He has a wonderful program, From the Recording Horn, of voices, primarily operatic, from by-gone eras. He actually spinned records on a turntable, and as many of the albums are very old, there's a wonderful ... sound that comes from them. I don't want to say that they are scratchy ... but if you have listened to records at all, you know what that sound is. There is nothing like it as far as I'm concerned. The gentle nudging of the needle across the vinyl resonates with character. I would like to hear what I imagine Pretty's beautiful voice to be. How could it not? She is Pretty after all.

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