Sunday, February 22, 2015

Harper Bazaar's New Boho Chic

After the black and white, color.

Each of these is so delightful that I had to share them all. HB gets me this March ... I'm a black and white girl (mostly black), but I love an explosion of color. It is what reminds me of a feeling that I had when I was young when I would dream of a fringed suede, color, and patterned rock n' roll sort of life.

These pictured are updated, certainly, and much more sophisticated than I had envisioned for myself at fourteen. Though colored and flowered, each has a strength that draws from what an all-black ensemble would create.

I particularly love the red dress seen through the window. Of course it is the cousin to the Louis Vuitton that stood above the NYC skyline on these pages a week ago. And the mailbox dress is wonderful in how it is so structured with what looks like boxed pleats, a pattern that is bold, not demure, but it in its own right, hippy.

Aha, that's what it is for this editorial. Far from demure, hair across the eyes and pretty pastels, this is the modern, I'm not looking shyly at the ground, I'm open to whatever comes my way look. I love it.

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