Monday, February 16, 2015

Spring Valentino

Vogue February 2015
The girls look as if they are the surface of the moon. What is that substance on which they lie? Sand? What is that?

Snow, cold, snow, cold. My snow shoes, I want to throw out. But this is enough to get me through the short days and long nights of winter. Fashion seems to fall into a comma after the big issues of the fall. Those are the huge, fleshy peaches, the last of summer's long days of sunlight. But I have noticed the sun hangs around a little longer on the horizon nowadays, so that must mean that spring is coming. And with it, pages of plenty that fill up my mailbox and give me a good excuse to sit idle and cuddle with the glossy pages of all of my favorite magazines.

The dresses here, by Valentino, remind me of a vibe that that I was going for back in junior high school. With a little babysitting money burning a hole in my pocket, I went to the Limited and bought myself a gauzy, will o'whisp of a blouse that made me feel very ... what I thought to be very California cool. Hippy-ish. The color of the dress on the left is very nearly the color of my blouse.

If there was a flower to be found along the road on my way to work tomorrow, I may just have to stop and weave it in my hair ... of course, all that's there is ice and snow. Neither of which would compliment the loveliness of these.

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