Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Fendi Florals

Elle April 2017
Aren't these pretty shelves of lovelies. I knew two women who lived together in a large, two floored apartment with lots of corners and shelves. They were very proud of their wall shelving unit that displayed their collection of handbags. I saw this and thought that, somehow, Fendi saw that apartment ... maybe on Pinterest, and copied the decor. I'm certain that's how it went down.
What is also strikingly similar of this styling are the Dries Van Noten handbags encapsulated in ice sculptures by Azuma Makotoh.

Whichever came first, the Fendi or the Van Noten, they are wonderful odes to Spring. The striped boots in the Fendi advertisement are a clever pattern play against the floral ribbons, bows and leather. It would be hard every morning if this were my wall shelving unit of my collection of handbags to pick just one for each day. I may have to carry a bag on each arm ... and maybe one or two has a long enough strap to be a cross body bag. Marvelous.

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