Friday, March 2, 2018

Mindy Kaling's Black Pearls

In Style October 2017
I had pulled this out of InStyle magazine last fall and can't seem to find the actual page. I carried it around in my purse for months meaning to write about it, and it never getting done. The story behind Mindy Kaling is that the mother of a friend gifted her the random pearls for which she used to make the necklace that is pictured ... I think. I thought that it was a good idea to make a necklace out of a handful of pearls that someone left behind. I also find the odd white pearl out charming. And I love that the black pearls are of different sizes and shapes. I'm not always a fan of match, so the mismatch is captivating.

I have not seen much of Mindy Kaling lately. I watched The Mindy Project dutifully every week when it was FOX, but when it jumped to Hulu, I sort of lost track of it, which is sort of sad. Although, to be honest, I've lost track of any network situation comedies or dramas as I spend all of my time in Netflix or Prime land. Who needs commercials? And why shouldn't series be more movie-like and bingeable. I don't want to stop after a half hour for goodness sake. I want to keep going and going and going until I've melted into the couch. Well, not really, but sometimes I wonder. I have a really long attention span. And when I happen upon a sitcom on regular tv, I am inpatient for how short it is. I've noticed also that I don't watch my beloved WGN news in the morning anymore. I have sort of stopped because I'm either getting work together for school (my current school is very depressing and can't think when I'm there ... can you imagine the kids who are there and trying to learn? That's the real question) OR I'm catching up on the previous nights' Steven Colbert. I can't seem to start a day without having a laugh with him ... talk about really depressing ... a dark, smelly school AND no jokes about Trump. Goodness.

Network television is dead to me. That's what I'm hearing here.

Postscript: I found the tear out in a pile of papers hidden in a corner. The pearls were given to Kaling from her college friend's mother, who she would visit in Hawaii. They shared a love of beautiful jewelry, and Hai Luen, the mother, would take Mindy to the best vendors and there, Kaling took to black pearls. On her death, very close to her own mother's, she was given the loose pearls that are of the necklace. Mindy says that "whenever I put it on, it reminds me of Hai Luen- and the bond between mothers and daughters."

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