Tuesday, March 6, 2018

President Obama

Rolling Stone Magazine 2017
Stay at it ...

I don't stay up late to watch the Stephen Colbert Late Show because I have to wake up early for school, but I watch it Colbert's YouTube every morning, especially the monologues. I, like many others, look to him to find comfort ... soften the blow ... in these troubling, political times. I don't need to explain it beyond that I would think. Not too long ago, Colbert talked about how comedy can get us through this, hopefully, short period of time in our nation's history. He shared that it was his mother that told him that you can't cry when you laugh, and when you laugh you think ... you use your brain. I would rather laugh than cry that is for sure. And through the jokes,  I find that I am able to approach difficult realities with a clearer understanding of what is at issue.

I wonder if Obama watches the show? Or Michelle? On last night's show, one of the guests was Chelsea Clinton. How strange to have a politically poised person speak so clearly and without barb or dagger. Colbert announced her saying that she is the daughter of two people who won the popular vote. That laugh was bittersweet as was the notion that this first daughter would be more effective working in the White House now than her estranger friend, the current first daughter who doesn't command the same respect for the office as Ms. Clinton demonstrated in her eight minutes having a chat with Mr. Colbert.

Stay at it ... I'm sure trying.

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