Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fleetwood Mac's Midnight Special

This video was featured on today... I wondered if I saw it in 1976 as "The Midnight Special" was a show that I never missed, and I think that I remember something of Lyndsey Buckingham's kimono.  And Stevie Nicks would have surely captured me with her feathered hair, floaty costume, and story telling. She is Sienna Miller boho chic of a few years back, but the real thing almost 40 years ago. I saw Fleetwood Mac last year. Stevie was still weaving her witchy magic 'round her microphone. I usually think that Annie Wilson of Heart is the queen of rock n' roll, but in this performance, I think that Stevie has the title by knock-out. The rawness and intensity of her performance is one that would be hard to best.

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