Saturday, January 31, 2015

Let it Snow

Here I am back on the frozen shores of Lake Michigan having a picnic. I found this as I wait for what everyone told me today was going to be a big snow storm. I haven't seen it yet. Do I doubt it? I'm sure that I will wake up and snow will be on the ground, but as far I can see now, it isn't happening as people prepared for it. Absolutely everywhere I went to today, someone made mention of the snow storm. I wonder what we've become in this age of Doppler radar and meteorologists who predict the weather. Good lord, what did we do when there was not warning? Now we are warned so often that I am beginning to disregard it altogether as what is predicted only comes to pass maybe fifty percent of the time.

Here, I remember that I was cold. I didn't know what would happen next with the weather, and we went ahead with our picnic on the frozen tundra that was the beach on Lake Michigan. What a lark.

Note: though I don't have that coat anymore, my mother still has those blankets in her linen closet. I was in college at the time, and everything that your see would have been courtesy of her. I wasn't cold because who I was with kept me warm.

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