Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pretty as a Posen

Elle ... sometime in 2014
I haven't posted much lately ... responsibility took any free time that I normally have to put finger to keyboard. Plus, though I didn't spend as much time with magazines over the last six months as I usually do, not much really caught my eye. I do not sit here with a stack of torn pages saved to comment on later.

Except for this one picture torn from an Elle as some point over the last six months. Certainly, it is the light, the photographer's eye, that truly captures the beauty of the gowns. I'm not really familiar with Zac Posen's work, and I'm not sure that he replaced Michael Kors well on "Project Runway" during the last season that I paid attention to that program; but here, he is brilliant. The structure of each dress would suggest rigidity, an uncomfortable stiffness; however, the layering and dreamy pastels make them appear gossamer ... floaty and ethereal. I particularly like the caplet on the gown in the foreground. The model looks like an angel; her wings softly floating as the light that emits from a formal up-do is lit as if it were an halo. She is an angel.

It is so pretty.

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