Wednesday, February 20, 2013


UK Vogue January 2013
oh Soames. I don't watch Homeland. I've heard that it's good, and I would ... but I can't see getting beyond Claire Danes. But this isn't about her. It's about Damian Lewis who stars as the double agent, or whatever he is. Every time that I see his picture, I can't help but think ... Soames. Soames, of course, is his character in the BBC Masterpiece Theatre's Forsyte Saga that was produced over ten years ago. I just happened to see it a few years back, and he, Damian Lewis, is one ginger that you can't take your eyes off of for a minute. Though he played a controlling, kind of pitiful character, an energy poured out of him that was quite magnetic.

Here, he poses his wife, Mrs. Malfroy!, in London, their home. He says that it is very Rob Reiner scene, but I think it's elegant. They make a rather handsome couple.

I have the Forsyte Saga, the novel, at home. I haven't ever read it. In looking up the spelling of 'Soames,' I discovered the novel was a favorite of readers during the '20's. It is a big book, and apparently it was published in three parts. I may have to dig that book out, dust it off, and give a read. Each page will bring me to Soames. And I'd like soame of that!

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