Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Prada house coat

UK Vogue January 2013

UK Vogue January 2013

Flipping through the pages of UK Vogue, I saw the Prada coat on the left. OK. I turned a couple more pages and found the Celine slippers.

Wait a minute here. What am I looking at? House clothes. I flipped back to the Prada. Yes, it sort of looks like a fuzzy bathrobe. One that my grandmother would wear. One that would be wrapped up in flowered box for Mother's Day. And the Celine ... really fancy house shoes. This girl has apparently gone out, found her heels too ... tight, and so changed into her slippers.

Ordinarily, I'm very open to different, but I think that I'm spotting a trend that I think is rather ... silly. I can't quite see what the fabric is for the coat. It looks almost fur-ish. She should kick off her flats and put on the slippers. Now that would make an outfit.

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