Tuesday, February 5, 2013

sue heck is very bridget

oh, Sue Heck! You and your eternal optimism and can-do spirit is rapturous! Who hasn't run up against a mean girl or problem or situation and wanted to kick its butt. And Sue does it in her way, no compromising. Why should she? To quote Mr. Darcy, 'she's fine just as she is.' And it is a testament to the fact that even if one's life view is off-kilter, different from the mainstream, doesn't mean that it doesn't work. I'm not so sure that Sue thinks of herself as different, and that is the beauty of it. She has confidence in herself. She believes in herself. And she thinks she is a damn fine cheerleader. Her spirit is what wins the approval of the school. Cause, we're all a little like her ... own what and who we are even if it isn't what the popular kids are doing. Perhaps, we need to all be more like her.

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