Tuesday, February 12, 2013

scous'd again

In Style February 2013
Scouse seems to have made it across the ocean ... nearly around the world. Certainly not as dramatic as the Liverpoolian browed fashionistas, but in kind any way.

I was given a make-up consultation as a gift last year, and I'm not one to those. Oh, I love make-up ... but always feel strange having someone look so closely at what I know so well: my face. Interesting that she made my brows, which are substantial, darker. As they are, being a strawberry blond, they are rather golden. She made them out very ... brown. I didn't know the pumpkin face that looked back at me in the mirror.

In this bit, they feature Jennifer Connelly ... ok. She always has a heavy brow, Irish lass that she is. And Elizabeth Olsen ... she's going to have work on some heft to make her's remotely statement. I've heard some women use Rogaine to aid in eyebrow growth ... my sister fell victim to a complete tweeze in high school ... OUCH! And her's have never quite grown back. I think I've heard her mutter something about the hair growing elixir. Maybe she should just tattoo them on!

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