Sunday, May 12, 2013

freud's girl

Imagine Freud's granddaughter singing. I tried to. I checked it out on ITunes. The new release isn't available, so I downloaded the album available to give it a listen. It's as I imagined ... a guitar, a paper thin/ vulnerable voice, and some dude in the background. Oh, to be the progeny of a famous name.

UK Vogue April 2013
I have to say though that I am drawn to quirky little albums that only a handful of people listen to. Not that I want to be so cool that I do it. No, it has something to do with being vulnerable and just going for it anyway. I'm all for it. One of my favorite albums of this genre of mine is Pete Doherty's album Last of the English Roses. Doherty's band is Babyshambles, an English band that may or may not only be famous as Doherty notoriously dated Kate Moss. The Kate Moss association is probably the only reason that he landed on my radar. I was curious, so I bought his album, and it ran in heavy rotation. Vulnerable. It's all over it, and there's a charm to it ... very English, very real, and easy for me to listen to as I like, I suppose, confessionals. I can hang a hat on imperfection, and some of the best bits of people, for me, are the ones that aren't perfect. Of course, Doherty is a notorious bad boy with drugs, drink, and I suppose poetry as his best pals. But I like his record. And he has a lot of bits to hang one's hat on.

Another album that it in this category for me is Karen Elson's The Ghost Who Walks. Produced by her husband at the time, uh! Jack White, Elson made a nice little record that I like to listen to. Of course the production of hers compared to Freud's is in a different stratosphere. When your husband is Jack White and you have access to all of the musicians and all of the other stuff that goes into making a record, including a sprinkle of White's magic, I don't know how you couldn't make a good one. I believe that I have said before that I would love to have the chance to make a record with him. His magic would make something out of the nothing that I have in terms of talent for singing and making music. I have the desire ... but surely I do not have the talent.

The second run through of Freud's is almost to its end. I think that there is a slip here ... I'm not getting pulled into it. She is young, and the record plays like a teenage magazine whispered to a beloved collection of stuffed animals. Maybe with a few years and the road, she'll find her groove and have something to show for it. That's the record that I would rotate often.

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