Friday, May 10, 2013

Gywneth's un-fun night at the Met
Gywneth Paltrow was not my pick for best dressed at the Met Ball. I don't know what her affinity for pink is at big shows (uh, that pale pink Ralph Lauren disaster that she wore when she won the Oscar for Shakespeare in Love ... she looked like she needed some tissue to give that dress some form), but typically, she's very modern looking. Sleek. Shiny. All-American. This pink thing would have been better as a Nancy Kerrigan skating costume, and I'm not sure how it is 'punk,' the theme of the ball, but I digress.

What I love about her attendance this year is that she didn't have any fun, and she wasn't shy about announcing it. I would have to imagine that it would be 'crowded' and 'hot'  as she reported with all of that fluff and spectacle. I have always wondered what they even did once they went in from the red carpet? Do they dance? View the exhibit? Eat? I imagine that most of them are exhausted from all of the preparation: Botox, check; Cellulite scrub, check; facial, check; tanner, check; fittings, check; hair management, check; make-up application, check; squeezing into dress, check. Of course I am being a little silly, but I imagine that it's a big day of getting ready, and then you're thrown onto the red carpet, pose for a bazillion photographs, stick your hand in nail-cam, and then ... can I stick my stomach out now?

Sounds un-fun to me too. I heard ... oh dear, Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue and host, won't invite her back! I don't think that snub is going to hurt Miss Paltrow. She's survived a lot of hits for ... oh, I don't know, that her Spring must haves as reported on her web site totaled somewhere in the vicinity of a half million dollars! But she moves through all of that and manages to end up as People Magazine's most beautiful woman in the world. She's charmed.

You know, Gwyneth knows these people. She knows who she wants to spend time with ... and not at the Met. Good for her for knowing that she doesn't have to go to the party. Where she decides to go, I imagine, is where the party is. Pinch me, but I want to be just like her (in this regard).

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