Tuesday, May 7, 2013

lollapalooza chic

Elle May 2013
This is from the article: "The most urban fest on the circuit, Lolla's downtown location (and come-and-go policy) means you can be headbanging one minute and sipping a lager at Little Goat the next. Choose a versatile ensemble such as this chic Prada onesie, which I energized with a kitschy Levi's shirt."

Joe Zee prefaces his article by saying that he's never been to a music festival ... wouldn't ever want to be at one. And then I read ... just throw on a Prada onesie?! (Is it just me, or does this young lady have camel toe in her onesie?) Prada? Do I have VIP passes where there are likely to be fans, and comfy chairs, and cold drinks. Cause if you are in Chicago in August at Lollapalooza, you're likely to be in 90 degree heat and possible thunder storms. I remember a couple of years ago when fest-goers cooled in mud baths ... conveniently created by heat and rain!

I love looking at the 'stars' who go to the other festivals ... they're all chic'd out and ready to rock, but somehow I take offense that in Chicago, a hard working town, is gonna put on a onesie. We aren't babies ... and we need to pee. A onesie and a port-a-pottie seem to be a recipe for disaster.

Here, wear a cool band tee and some cut-offs. The boots are fine, but let's get real! The business here is music: devil may care ... not devil wear Prada.

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