Monday, August 12, 2013

charm school

I am usually so careful about noting what and where I rip from ... but for this, I have no idea. I was on vacation and had a pile of magazines to read through during airport waits and delays, so for not naming the magazine or the bag ... I apologize.

Of course what struck me is not the bag specifically, rather how it is presented. I don't know if I've ever seen the back of a model and product placement done so well. It's charming. And as it is the new year for me, back to school, I place my girl here going back to it. She's done up for her first day with luxurious curls, smart new shoes and coat, and an understated, yet exquisite bag.

I sit here amidst bags full of school supplies. I've got notebooks, paper collection folders, pencils, pens, mini-whiteboards ... you name it. And it is exciting to gather all of this newness. I remember as a kid pulling together everything that I would need to start the school year. And it was the one time of the year when mom took us all out to buy a pair jeans, a pair of school shoes, and when I turned 14, a purse. I don't know why at 14 I magically needed a purse, but I sure did. What I put in it is a mystery to me now. I didn't have any money ... did I have a wallet? I kept my comb in the back pocket of my jeans, so that wasn't in there. The bag pictured above would work perfectly with the few things that I would have to put in it.

This year, as I start moving into the school year, I am trying to ... economize. I haven't bought a new outfit for the first day of class. No wranglers for me. Having just landed back into my home from having been gone most of the summer, I realize that I haven't done laundry. I haven't really needed to. And that says to me that maybe I don't need to buy a new outfit. And I don't need a new bag. Or shoes. But I am full of a new ... perspective. This ad appeals to me because it's so simple. So forward looking. Optimistic. And I pull that up and into as the new that I go into the year with when I walk through my door on the first day of school.

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