Tuesday, August 13, 2013

come on, let's go

my niece
I spent a lot of time on this bike path at the beginning of this summer. A lot of the route is recovered prairie. One day, we grabbed the camera and took pictures of all of the seemingly fragile flowers that litter the green landscape in their wispy whites and pinks and purples.

While riding, we would stop for a drink of water as it was pretty hot and the miles would make us thirsty. I love talking to my niece ... she's always got something on her mind. Not longer after this picture was taken, we took to wondering if fairies live in the prairie. She was certain as, 'the world is a mystery.' Yes, it is indeed. And why not believe that another, transcendental world exists parallel to our own. And for that I wrote this for my little prairie fairy:

                                                      The Prairie

We stopped our bikes on the path
to document the prairie,
the sun at midday colors
wild flowers in golden light
and clusters of white trumpets
sit pretty like china cups
waiting for afternoon tea.

In wisdom that comes with nine,
she turns to me and believes,
as her eye that wanders left
surveys Queen Anne’s parasols
that lace over smaller blooms,
there could be fairies living here,
the world is a mystery.

Kicking off to pedal on,
I set to thinking about
my mortality compared  
to the mysteries of life
that explode over prairies
in waves of black eyed susans
and velvety bumble bees.

I reach out to meet each year
holding my face to the sun
knowing I won’t populate
this landscape for ever long,
but with grace, this life will root
me solidly in cycles
like nature’s bloom and beauty.

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