Friday, August 9, 2013

Daft Punk Gets Lucky

Rolling Stone August 1, 2013
Get Lucky is so fly.  As much as it is modern, it makes me feel like I'm 15 and stuffed into my jeans that I would lie on the bed to zip up to head out to the teen disco. Music wasn't as portable then and thankfully today, I can run around with this tune any where I  want to go. It follows me like a fire fly ... disappearing and then lighting right in front of me to catch.

Rolling Stone puts JT's Mirrors next in the count down, but there's something in this song that bugs me. And it's when JT starts singing about the mirror. It's so ... corny. I would rather just jam to Suit and Tie for the rest of the summer and let that live a little longer. I understand that next and next and next need to be released to capture radio play, but I am done with the first song off of the album. Luckily, I can control that on my playlist.

Miley? Next.

Mariah? Ha.

Icona Pop's song is my niece's ring tone. I've heard it a lot, but wasn't that last year's song? Hm.

And Robin Thicke ... oh dear. I don't get why everyone thinks that the video is so sexy. It's sort of dumb to me, but I'm not into 'stick insects' as Bridget Jones would say ... those girls in that video? They look like they could use a meal (though the naked version is better than the not naked one). But the song? Love it. It's right on par with the breeze that is Daft Punk's song. And like one of Prince's good songs (they aren't all). I could listen to Get Lucky and Blurred Lines back to back forever. I may exaggerate ... I would want a sprinkle of Mackelmore. Hey what's up with that dis? Can't Hold Us is an anthem and has a hook by Ray Dalton that swims, 'like the ceiling can't hold us.'  Oh yeah, I've been away for a while, and away from music. So when I hear it, I'm there to gobble it up. I want to get up and dance. Whoop. Sing falsetto. He's a sexy man ... oh yeah, Robin, T.I., and Pharrell.
Rolling Stone August 1, 2013

What's up with Pharrell. He's been around forever, but all of a sudden, he's popped for me. Who is he? How is that he he's on the two songs that I love this summer? WHO IS HE?

Here he is ... the vampire! Apparently, a theory about Pharrell on the Internet is that he is a vampire because he looks so young. I know a group of people that would believe that of him ... but I think that he's just lovin' what he's doing and that's why he's looking so good. In the Q&A, he called Daft Punk: robots ... they are relentless about perfecting any song. He recalled Houdini and said that the present is like being on a 'conveyor belt,' that 'we can remember the past, but we can't go back, and we can't touch the future, so we're trapped in the present.' And on the naked women in the Blurred Lines video: we all come through the conduit of the bodies of beautiful women.

I'm not sure what that all adds up to, but he sure can sing and write and produce. Maybe it isn't the jams that are the hits of this summer. Pharrell is.

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