Sunday, September 15, 2013

Adam n' Ireland

Vogue September 2013
I've said before that I have a crush on Adam Driver, Adam of Girls. Vogue was right to feature him in a shoot in Ireland. He seems to be as rugged, windswept, and salty enough to be in the landscape that I escape to in my mind in slow minutes of the day.

I have now watched Girls Season One and Two at least twice. I didn't watch it initially, though I had read about it. I don't have HBO in my cable package, and wouldn't think to sign on to catch a hot series that I've read about. Television isn't that important to me to go looking for, paying for, it. But my kind sister had me over ... the one who has HBO, and as I've said before, we did a marathon of Girls, and I've been running along side in any way I can without ever committing to HBO.

Vogue September 2013
Adam Driver is not cute. I'm not so sure that one would characterize him as handsome either, but the character that he portrays is hot, white hot. So hot that he isn't red anymore. He's the smoldering white ash that is quiet, but that could burn the whole place down given time. He does that to me. And I find that when I watch him, I wonder where is he for me. Silly, really. But a girl can dream.

In the show, Adam is kinesthetic. He's not flopping around: his movements are controlled, but he is a force. Annie Leibovitz has him doing manly things, physical things in the shoot, which captures that of him. My favorite episode is of course the season two finale when he races through the streets of NYC shirt-less to be with Hannah in her meltdown. Her's is a real need, and Adam is able to push all aside, including the fact that they are longer together, to hold her up. That strength, though obviously fictional, is what the stuff is that I would want in any man. Leibovitz took many beautiful pictures, but I chose these to highlight as it shows his movement, his strength.

And lest I get too corny on my character crush, I did choose the photo with the goat 'cause I know a goat in Ireland. On one of my trips there, I was with my brother and sister. We drove all around the island for a couple of weeks going to where ever the wind blew us. It was a wonderful trip. At one point we were winding up a rocky road the side of a mountain in a dense fog. We could hardly see the road in front that lie ahead. Having no sense of direction, we decided to turn round and head back down. At a crossing, we ran into a herd that circled the car. We stopped, got out, and decided to take some pictures. I got back into the car, and one of the goats decided to climb through the open window and come on in. It was doing a really good job of trying to climb over me to get in the car. I didn't know what to do and started yelling to my brother, "Bill, the goat is coming in the car!" He yelled back, "Shoo it, shoo it." And of course being a girl, I just sort of spurtered and found that I couldn't do any shooing. So Bill crawled in from the other side, leaned over, and pushed the goat out of the car.

It's raining out my window now. And nearly Autumn. I dream of Ireland and its landscape. Wouldn't I like to be there now on a craggy knoll, peat fire burning, a dram, and an Adam.

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