Saturday, September 14, 2013

alexander mcQueen

Vogue September 2013
Stunning. Fashion. Fierceness. I imagine that when I dress in the morning anymore that I am armoring up to face the day. And I do need armor at the workplace, lord knows.

Vogue September 2013
Sarah Burton, McQueen's  chief designer, mixes light/dark, hard/soft, masculine/feminine sublimely. The belt indicates chastity, but the precise pattern of the lace and metal, along with the contraption that holds the bustier in place, indicates aggression. Instead of pattern play, control is played.

In this next look, any innocence is hidden with the medieval knight in full-on riot gear. I suppose, we are at war on many levels in our world, whether job crisis, world politics, or credit crunch ... we've something to fight. Burton would have us suited up beautifully for it.

Of course, looking at these, I wonder how it will translate for those that would afford the luxury of wearing McQueen. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, likes to wear a McQueen, how will this tame to abide the rules of monarchy. I wonder. I would love to see her step out on William's arm with the look to the left. Can you imagine? She would be channeling what I suppose would be the spirit of Elizabeth, the virgin queen. This is certainly a get-up that I imagine her wearing to ward off the wolves. And Catherine has to ward some of those off certainly.

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