Monday, July 18, 2016

Pokemon Go

While on vacation in Europe, my nephew was disappointed that he only had occasional WIFI and not regular cell service so that he could play Pokemon go. Oh sure, everyone had reported on the phenomenon that has captured many around the world, but I will add that, although I wouldn't ever play, it is entertaining to watch the kids play it now that we are back at grandma's house. They have been headingoutside intermittently   throughout the day to hop on the bikes to get out and catch pokemon. As my older nephew said who isn't playing, it is really bringing people together. And the three who are playing are coming back with tales of whom they have met on their poke-travels. Given everything that is happening in the world, maybe that's what we need: a silly distractor to get us talking and having fun with people in the community that we don't know. 

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