Saturday, July 16, 2016

Traveling: Going Home

In Dublin airport ready to return to Chicago. We arrived early enough to have breakfast. I had to take the opportunity to enjoy my last Guinness in the land of its origin. I will tell you, the Guinness is just better here. And since we only stopped for two days, I was not able to fill my gullet of my favorite elixir, so I had a pint for breakfast.

Although we weren't in Ireland long, we managed to fill it with Irishness. Friends drove down from Northern Ireland and that was the craic. They filled us in in how Brexit is affecting them: the pound is low and prices are rising fast. They are for a united Ireland, but know already that the new Prime Minister is a Unionist, so that is not likely to happen. Europe has broken wings. One feels it here too.

On our one full day, we decided to drive out to Blarney. Everyone needs to kiss the Blarney Stone. I had already, so I did not again. It was crowded, and I didn't want to stop in one of the staircases and imagine all of the horrors of being trapped in a tower staircase. Plus, I have enough of the gift, so. The grounds were lovely and more than what I remembered from previous visits.  It was a long day with  3 hours out and then back, butso worth it.  It gave those new to Ireland, a real taste of the beauty of the island.

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