Saturday, July 2, 2016


Vogue July 2016
Is this pose silly, or what? Love the fashion ... but really, is she drunk? Is she lost? Will she take off?

Patsy is 3rd on the left.
This reminds me of is the episode of 'Absolutely Fabulous' when the girls, Patsy and Edina, travel to France on the EuroStar to be a part of a fashion editorial of women past and present. While Edina is touring Paris with Safron her way after convincing her daughter that Paris isn't about monuments and museums, but fashion and elaborate lunches, Patsy tries to strike a pose as she remembers from her days as model during '60's. The editorial for the models photographs is 'grunge.' Patsy, who has packed scarfs and hats and lipsticks, is appalled that she has to dress in drab. And in striking a pose, she turns Twiggy, much to the dismay of the younger models and famous photographer.

The model above? She's all Patsy. Silly and a little trashed.

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