Friday, July 8, 2016

Traveling: Beer Rules

Jet lag hit, and we all slept until Noon. We were a little late getting to Versailles. The crowd was light, so we were able to get around the Palace. The grounds closed early for a special event. We took to the street of the town to check it out. We found pastries, and my nephew, and I found a French craft beer store. We bought by label, which were as beautifully drawn as craft beers in the U.S. And are looking forward to having a tasting. Next, we sat down for a couple of drinks at an outdoor cafe. We decided to head to the Eiffel Tour because we thought that the lines would be manageable. Wrong. With only an hour until closing, the line was substancial. But we decided to give it a go. Security is pretty tight for obvious reasons; plus, the European Cup is now and France has made it to the finals. To get into the ticket line, we had to pass through security. Well, the nice lady found my beer in my bag. She told me to toss it. I exclaimed, " but the beer is my groceries!" Beer is my groceries! She pointed me to the can. Everyone had already gone in, so I had nothing to do but put the beer into the can. When I found my family, I told them what had happened. My brother-in-law said, we don't need to go, go get your beer! So I went back, pushed my way back into security and said to the security, I want my beer. She laughed, and I grabbed it. 
The Eiffel Tour looked lovely from afar as we walked back to our rooms. And the beer is cooling in the fridge.

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