Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hugh Grant

Elle March 2015
Hugh Grant? Movie? OMG ... oh wait, I rented it On Demand and yawned.
Elle loved it. Directed by Peter Bogdanovich, his first feature in 13 years, and starring the irascible Hugh Grant, how could it not be great?
It's not because it's Music and Lyrics. It's not because it's About a Boy. It's not because this is the third movie where Hugh's character was a one-hit wonder, or a long ago wonder, struggling to find a place in the world. The plot was so predictable, and Hugh seemed to snooze through it because he knows that he's been there and done it before.
Poor Hugh. It would have been better if they would've written a movie where he played a character like James Van Deer Beek who played himself in the sitcom about the the b- in Apartment 23. I never watched the sitcom regularly, but saw it enough to know that he was himself who lived next door to the b-. Hugh could do that, but in a feature film. He could bumble around, call Liz Hurley on the phone, who apparently has said that Hugh was good in the sack, and play with his child (he has one right?). He's sort of a has-beeny character, and I say that with genuine affection. I have heard him say in interviews that he 'done' with acting, etc. Maybe he was doing it as a favor to a friend for his first roles. And it for Peter Pogdanovich now. That could be one of the story lines. Wouldn't it be funny if he also ran into Renee Zellweger and her new look, and he didn't recognize her? I could go on and on about scenarios that my dear Hugh could bumble his way through in a day. That's it! It could be called A Day in the Life of Daniel Cleaver .... oops, Hugh Grant.
I'd go see that! Skip this ... unless you're really desperate for a Hugh-fix (here's an idea ... just watch Bridget again ... that'll scratch the itch).

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