Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vogue's Cowgirls

Vogue March 2015

Aren't these beautiful?!

Vogue March 2015
The headline reads: "Angelic filigrees of broderie anglaise and Chantilly make pale prairie-girl lace the most heart-quickening look for the sultry months ahead." Very fancy.

There is something about a prairie look, and it has been a fashion-phase of mine before. It began when I was in college. I found a Ralph Lauren Vogue pattern that wasn't anything like these beauties, but it was prairie-esque. I had my mom sew me up two of these dresses, and I'd wear them with a pair of Tony Lama cowboy boots and a belt of silver coin-like medallions. I found a black western-brimmed hat like the ones pictured, and for full effect, I wore a long denim duster that my mom also made up for me from a Vogue pattern. Here, I am sporting a beret with my hugely shoulder-padded duster (I was channeling a French cowboy, I think). Although I loved my get-ups, I would've given anything to wear one of these.

This same tone is why I buy up any Eileen West night gowns at Marshall's ... you know the ones of cotton lawn, a flounce, and usually a delicate pattern of pale on pale ... it is for the same satisfaction of feeling like I'm a  little Laura Ingalls Wilder with a streak of Annie Oakley. A bad ass wrapped in girly rags.

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