Thursday, March 12, 2015

Miss Ross

Elle February or March 2015 ... it was in a pile
This white ensemble is one that has been seen a lot lately. Katy Perry did a very structured, oh, is the coat going to fall of my shoulders white for the Grammy's (I think that it may have been one piece ... maybe she was nervous, so stiff). Gwyneth Paltrow likes to do a white with a cape, maybe Calvin Klein? She wore it in the last couple of years at some awards show that has not stuck in my memory. And of course, J-Lo does it all of the time, even in the movies. Remember "Main in Manhattan?" Oh yeah, she took the Dolce coat out of the guest's closet to wear on her date with Ralph Fiennes.

I have watched "Black-ish" from the beginning, and it took a few episodes before I realized that the woman who plays "Bow" is Diana Ross's daughter. Of course it is!  I guess because she's on the show being funny, I didn't see the style that is Momma Ross. Well, here it is. Tracee is divine. I love the blackness of her hair in contrast to the color of the clothing. And the red, but not so red, lip is just enough color to pop. I would like to see the shoes. She's angel'd up in a cloud of puff, so we don't get see what hides underneath.

As for what she says about her new hit show is spot on as well. She said, "Somehow in TV, marriage has gotten a bad rap ... but his antics and insanity is what she finds charming." I do get tired of marriage being portrayed as ... completely unsatisfying, sarcastic, and unsupportive. It's only television, but the couple that Ross and Anthony Anderson, her TV husband, are supportive, loving, and funny as hell. They are the best part of the show as far as I'm concerned.

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