Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Faves from Vogue Magread

As a girl, I'd play a game of 'this side, that side' with catalogues that my mom would have in the house. I'd choose a side, right or left, and flip through the pages choosing anything that I would want from the page on the side that I had pre-determined. I loved playing this game. And I didn't only look at the clothes; I was also interested in home goods, furniture, and linens. I didn't have any money to spend on what I fancied, but the exercise started what I think that people must do on Pinterest ... mark a collection of desires to create a look, a lifestyle, form an aesthetic. As I moved through the pages of the March Vogue this morning, I tore pages out of what may look haphazard, but is representational of what I think is some of the best of this Spring season.

Prada. This silouette is de rigeure. My little Coach purse is very like this one.

This is Louis Vuitton. This dress is perfection. The boots are great. I also love the red dress from this collection that I've shown before on these pages. It soars above the NYC skyline.

I can't decide what I love most about this outfit .... uh, all of it! The jacket is super awesome. The boots! The perfect jeans.  I love the Western bag. I would wear everything here.
I'm not always a fan of Giorgio Armani, but this is lovely. 

Ice, ice, ice ... blue baby. I adore this color. She's a pretty bird.
I'm glad to see ETRO back to what they do best ... bohemian. This is light, silky, and muter than others before, which makes it fresh.
The 70's are back. The faintest color, the lightest fabric, barely there slip of a dress. Dreamy.

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