Sunday, March 15, 2015

Katy Perry

Elle March 2015
A couple of years ago, visiting my sister on the Caribbean Island where she lives, I sat on the end of an old pier with my niece flying a kite. The beach in front of their apartment was empty, and the sea and sky met in a blur of blue.  She must have been seven or so. Maybe younger. As we sat watching the kite soar to meet moisture clouds, we chatted about school and favorite colors. I tried to sing "Firework" to the open sea, and she corrected me. In her clear, bird-song of a voice, she belted out the song, putting my version to shame. Katy is her favorite. And so she is mine.

I took my niece, grandma in tow, to see the Katy Perry movie. Caroline, my niece, was very excited. I didn't now what to expect. But what I found was an inspirational women. Someone who definitely called all of the shots of a huge production that ran back and forth across the globe, and someone who, for as much as she roars, is vulnerable. I had to ask grandma for the tissues because I was moved to tears more than once. Who knew?

By the way, she looks fabulous in these pictures. I don't particularly care for her when she colors her hair  purple ... or anyone else for that matter. It looks so ... false. And the costumes, well, it's part of her thing, right? She doesn't need it.

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