Sunday, August 28, 2016


Barbra on CBS Sunday Morning Show
A coupe of days ago, I ran across an article from "The Huffington Post" on "Yahoo!" written by Andrea Pflaumer, who claimed to know what women over 50 should not wear. It was silly. A Coach backpack? No miniskirts, but tunics with opaques or skinny pants? Oh, that's what a woman over 50 should give up? Have you seen what some women consider 'tunics and leggings?'  Pflaumer clearly did not know what she was talking about. Plus, we cannot, we must not, cross categorically ever say, all cannot because ... age, sex, size, color, whatever. I have a Coach backpack somewhere, but I don't not wear it because I am not in college or in my my twenties anymore. It, like other things, served their purpose, and I moved on to different styles/different needs. But if a backpack is your thing? So, be it. Let them wear Burkinis!

I will say, for me, that one thing I should never wear are capri pants. I thought to myself, 'no one past 30 should wear capri pants.' I had several pairs and when I made this edict for myself, I packed them in my suitcase when I did a Habitat for Humanity project in Africa. I wore them to work in and, against regulations, left them in Molepole for the woman of the village. I'm sure that they are happily sporting them and not even thinking about whether they are appropriate or not. But can I let you in on a little secret? I made that rule for myself and got rid of all of the evidence, yet I found myself purchasing two pairs of Calvin Klein athletic wear that could technically be classified as capris. But they are different. It's athletic wear. The others were worn ... oh, I don't know why I wore them. They cut off my legs at the calf and made me look dumpy. Not old, dumpy. I am not the sliver of a Mary Tyler Moore who can pull it off. And that's what are 'don'ts' need to become. I see too many women, and men, of all ages who are wearing things that aren't working for them. I think that it is a lifetime pursuit to figure out what I am comfortable wearing and what makes me look my best.

So what does Barbra have to do with this? Oh, Barbra. She was on the CBS "Sunday Morning Show" this morning, and she was clearly wearing something that she shouldn't have been. I'm almost certain that her best pal Donna Karan must have given her the outfit. It had DKNY written all over it: over the knee boots as far as I could tell, a black voluminous jacket, and ... oh, I'm not quite sure. It was a complicated outfit. It swallowed her up, and made her disappear. Perhaps that was the look that she was going for, but it didn't do her any favors. I'm not sure that Streisand really cares about how she looks or fashion. For that, she is made by those around her. Remember her perm? I think that was the doing of her hairstylist boyfriend at the time- Jon Peters. And she's been hanging out with Karan forever now. It comes through in the peek-a-boo shoulders that she prefers, and apparently, the dark gothic look that she wore on the show today.

Streisand's clothing consumed my attention as the interview itself was melba toast. It needed a little chopped liver. And no, I'm not talking about a meat dress like Lady Gaga would wear. That should only be worn by people in their ... looking for attention phase.

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