Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Blue Hair

Vogue May 2016
Who wouldn't want blue hair that looks like this? Ever since I started seeing the Louis Vuitton model, who looks plastic and has pink hair, I've had the thought that maybe I should just do it. I was born with a good hair color. I am the age that I am, and it is still hanging in there. It doesn't look as red as it did when I was young, but in photographs and in the sun, it still likes to softly flame. 

In Style May 2016
Harper's Bazaar May 2016
I have put color in it twice. In college, my best friend Cory, who was Japanese, had crow black hair. We decided to put a little of each other's color in our own. She tried to put red in hers, which was really difficult because it was so black, and I put a couple of stripes of black in mine. Another time, years later, I had a hairstylist convince me to put highlights in my hair. She said that they would be 'golden.' Well, they were really blond. And I went along with it until I was sitting at a White Sox game, and my brother said out loud, 'where did my red headed sister go?' When a brother notices your hair ... something is wrong, really wrong.

I want the whole look. The blouse. The earrings. All

Maybe ... I should just stick to a blue dress. I may want blue hair tonight, but tomorrow? Who knows. I am packing a pretty blue dress to wear for my nephew's graduation. It's such a pretty color that can move through the seasons. It can be soft like cornflower or cold like ice. The Brie Larson number (middle of the "Harper Bazaar" piece) is my favorite of the bunch. with the pantsuit coming in second. I want to love Kirsten Durnst's Chanel ensemble because I love Chanel, but it is too much dress for her. The long of the tunic and the long of the skirt ... I don't know what's going on. Tunic itself may be too short. I think that I would shorten the skirt ... that would do it.

Okay, enough blue. I'm on to pink ... yeah, I really like the Louis Vuitton hue. Maybe that's what I'll do.

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