Monday, May 23, 2016

Taylor Swift

Vogue May 2016
As you've never seen her before? Okay! I read that Swift went to Anna Wintour, "Vogue's" editor, for advice on what to wear for this year's Met Gala, fashion's Oscars. Wintour told her to do grunge. Yes, that's just what you need to do Taylor Swift ... grunge it up. But she can't. There's no surprise in her look in this edition. She has the look of a soccer mom. She has the unfortunate hair. And ordinary face. Put her in a couture gown, and she looks like a hanger with an expensive dress hung on her.

I'm not hatin'. And I'm not saying that it's bad either. I don't love her, this is true. There is no sick in her beat even if she says that there is. I would like her music more if she didn't make broad statements such as that. She is not meant to be deep. She is pop.

And as this has been rolling around in my head, I finally realized that what Taylor Swift is is a good role model for young women. She is talented. She is hardworking. She is kind. She is close to her family. She is a good friend. Who better to admire?

I was in NYC a few years back on a very cold day. I may have told this story before. I wanted to go into a shop to warm up. I saw one, saw a crowd, but went up to the door and tried to walk in anyway. I was stopped. I looked at the line and saw many young faces excited to be there. I asked friends, 'what is this place?' The Dash store. What is that? Oh, the Kardashians. If I had a child and he/she looked up to one of those vampires, I just don't know what I would do with myself. It would become a critical point of intervention parenting.

Now, my child probably would be edgier and like someone different than Taylor Swift, which would be good. She/he would be safe because I would be a part of his/her life and help them to support their decision. But a lot of girls, especially, are left to their own devices (i.e. any fascination with a 'K' should be automatic grounds for a child endangerment charge) need someone who will be good to them and show them how to be ... a lady.

Taylor Swift is a lady. I just have to shake what I don't have nice to say about her off.

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