Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Bono

U2 Instagram
It makes sense that Bono is a Taurean like me. I try really hard to not make everything about Bono because I could! He sneaks in, enough, from time to time. And I know how corny it may sound that I truly believe, wholly so in my heart of hearts, that he and I are on a same wave length. He may be riding around on a super star while I sputter around on some star dust, but he makes sense to me so much so that I can't imagine not hitting it right off if ever I would have the chance to spend some time with him. I think, mostly, that it is an Irish-thing. We've the same sensibility and can be easily as annoying as we can be charming. We'd be a pair ... once I got over the initial shock and awe of him actually being in my presence. I would not be ... cool. 

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