Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Vogue's Couture Forest Bathing

Vogue May 2016
Looking out of my classroom window, I see the fog roll in from the lake across the city, and I can nearly imagine that I'm in the photograph shown. I am not wearing a floral dress, but the colors that I wear, spring green and pink with a lovely scarf of similiar tone, brighten up the gray that the spring fog makes on the city streets outside.

The model is wearing Gucci and stands in the Las Pozas sanctuary in Mexico. I love the dress ... the white of it and how the red/blue/green fish and lily pads strike against its brightness.

I wonder if she's hearing quiet? As quiet as I would if I were on the street outside? Sometimes, when the fog falls on the city, it is eerily without sound. It muffles horns, trucks, and playground laughter. If only it would stay put until I can walk through it later today during lunch. I want to be the bright that passes through the quiet to bathe in its somber air.

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