Monday, April 25, 2016


Chicago Tribune 4/25/2016
Since I have been staying out at my mother's house while she convalesces, I have had more time to jump on the old bike, literally ... and old Schwinn, to ride through the wood close to her house. On my street route to the bike path, I've taken to count the dandelions growing on all of the lawns in her neighborhood. Some have hundreds like you see in this photograph captured by the "Chicago Tribune" online this morning. Aren't they pretty?

Alas, dandelions are a weed.

This may be true, but I will you that they are awfully cheerful as they smile up in their particular yellow from the bright green of spring sod. Doris, my dearly departed charge, loved dandelions and would often exclaim, 'they are my favorite flower!' This week, they have captivated my attention. Oh sure, tulips and daffodils have turned up their pretty cups, and they are quite pretty. But the dandeline is heartier, bolder and can blanket a wider expanse in an explosion of what is the change in season.

Who cares if they are weeds.

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