Thursday, April 28, 2016

Vogue's Pattern Clash

British Vogue  March 2016
Yesterday, one of my students, who was out of uniform on a pass, came up to me, and I had no idea what she was asking because I was so caught up in her 'business casual' look. Usually, when my students are given the opportunity to wear what they want, they go to sporty gear: Nike, Addidas, etc. But she wore a dark, pinstriped vest, a floral long sleeved, collared blouse, and colored jeans. She looked great. And I loved the masculine/feminine mix of pinstripe and flower. She has the tendency to dress more masculinely to reflect her sexuality, so the flowered blouse really stood out. I wonder if she had any idea of how on point that she was to a spring trend? Probably not. It was the gear that she had in her closet. Her happenstance gave me the idea to do the same.

I'm living out of a bag and a couple of laundry baskets now as I'm with my mom while she recuperates from a surgical episode. But as soon as I hit my closet, I'm inspired to clash. Of the examples here from March's "British Vogue," I think that I'll go for the look on the red headed model on the left. I like that the texture of the blouse and skirt tie together two patterns that clash. The look 'matches' because of the this. Plus, I'm more likely to find that than a leather jacket with a chevron strip like the blond model is wearing ... although, I do think that I could do the skirt and polo. Wait a minute, I don't own any polos. I may just have to model after my student. She nailed it with the look, and I think that I will copy it. Vest, check. Patterned blouse, check. Colored jeans, check. Et voil√°!

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