Sunday, April 24, 2016

Leon Bridges

Rolling Stone April 21, 2016
I saw this cat on a television show ... probably a late night talk show. I don't remember it, but I remember him. And here he is on the pages of Rolling Stone. I'm not at home, or I would immediately buy his record because it is a perfect remedy and accompaniment to spring ... deep, fresh, cool.

While I am writing this, I'm listening to him on "NPR Music's Tiny Desk." He's delightful ... can I even say enough light, easy, pretty words for him? uh, no.

When I was a college student, one of the things that I loved best about being in the town five hours away from home was the live music scene. In my time there, it spilled out of every bar on the strip. There was something for everyone. And I listened to it all. One of my favorite bands was local: David and the Happenings. David, lead singer, was leggy tall, blond, and preferred choir robes for his performances. He was backed by a drummer, a stand-up bass, and a saxophone. They did covers of mostly James Brown. David was a great soul dancer, and he moved all over the small clubs preaching the gospel of James Brown. I couldn't ever get enough of them. I don't particularly care for a saxophone in rock music, but in soul music, it's just right.The sound is more of a beat, than a blow. And I like that.

This guy. This Leon Bridges reminds me of that sound ... it isn't it, it's better. But the man has soul. I would like to see him in a small club ... I wonder if he'd put on a preacher's robe for me? ah!

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