Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Gemini Man on Route 66

Gemini Man on Route 66, Wilmington IL
Not quite the warm day that was the day before, it was still Spring, and we enjoyed driving out into the country to one of our favorite spots for antiquing.

Though trees were nearly all green deeper in the state when I went down last month for an athletic event, here in Northern Illinois, they are just making their peek into the season. The farmers were out in force with every imaginable shape and size of farm equipment turning the fields up from dusty brown to a nearly velvety black. Dust clouds ballooned over the horizon as it's been relatively dry for the last couple of weeks. I imagine that will change once the rains come that are on the horizon.

My sister stretched out on the back seat for a nap during the hour long ride. I would never do the same and miss what is the coming alive of the Earth. I could watch it unfold forever if I had the time.

The shopping trip into the junk stores was fruitful. My Mom bought a crystal lamp for her bedroom for $25, and I bought a vase and a small pitcher with delicate purple violets painted on it. We had a nice lunch at the local bar and ice cream on the way home. What better way to spend a new spring day in order to recover from what has passed.

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